1. What would you do?
    Get up off my feet and stop making tired excuses


  2. "Everyday I wake up, hoping to die"
    She said, “They’re gonna know about pain
    'Cause me and my sister ran away,
    So our daddy couldn’t rape us,
    Before I was a teenager
    I done been through more shit
    You can’t even relate to”


  3. She said…

    What would you do if your son was at home
    Crying all alone
    On the bedroom floor,
    Cause he’s hungry and the only way to feed him is to
    Sleep with a man for a little bit of money?
    And his daddy’s gone in and out of lock down,
    I ain’t got a job now,
    He’s just smokin’ rock now,
    So for you this is just a good time
    But for me this is what I call life


  4. A warning to the prophet, the liar, the honest
    This is war
    Oh, to the leader, the pariah, the victim, the messiah
    This is war


  5. “Perhaps there could be no joy on this planet
    without an equal weight of pain to balance it out on some unknown scale.” 

    Stephenie Meyer, The Host


  6. So have you got the guts?
    Been wondering if your heart’s still open
    And if so I wanna know what time it shuts


  7. “You must forge your own path for it to mean anything.” 

    ― Rick RiordanThe Lost Hero


  8. “I try very hard to be annoying. Don’t insult my ability to annoy.” 

    ― Rick RiordanThe Lost Hero


  9. As long as we’re together

    (Fuente: nicodievangelion, vía hooandboofan)


  10. "We will fight a battle, and then we will rest.
    Alive or dead, we’ll rest.”

    - Jon Snow


  11. "We look up at the same stars and see such different things."

    - Jon Snow


  12. “The gods made the earth for all men t’ share. Only when the kings come with their crowns and steel swords, they claimed it was all theirs. “My trees,” they said, “you can’t eat them apples. My stream, you can’t fish here. My wood, you’re not t’ hunt. My earth, my water, my castle, my daughter, keep your hands away or I’ll chop ‘em off, but maybe if you kneel t’ me I’ll let you have a sniff.” You call us thieves, but at least a thief has t’ be brave and clever and quick. A kneeler only has t’ kneel.” 

    ― George R.R. MartinA Storm of Swords


  13. I really want to love somebody
    I really want to dance the night away


  14. -Chaos-


  15.  I must say, I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation.